road journal

march – august 2015

I was in a tv commercial for 3M industrial tape. Check it out.

I've been working real hard on my body lately. I did one of those 30 body transformations. Check out the progress I made.

I got work with the legendary Emo Phillips. He was a sweetheart and real funny.

Here is another incredible comic friend of mine. He's one of the best around...Chad Daniels, check him out.

Sometimes comedy isnt always on a stage.

And somtimes comedy sucks and you have to hide from the audience.

Did some shows in one of my favorite cities … Detroit! and it indeed hustles.

I saw this sweet mural on a side of a building in Indianapolis, IN.

I took another trip to Seattle. Had so much fun. Great place. Check out this lake I hiked to in the mountains.

Told this little girl I met on a bus a joke, she couldn't help it.

There is an unreal statue in the middle of Seattle (Fremont Neighborhood). The controversial piece of art is 16 feet tall. It has sparked a lot of debate about whether this statue should be present considering the Lenin's actions during and after the Red Revolution in Russia. The statue has been vandalized over the years and even dressed up in a pink tutu during Gay Pride. Here is a picture.

I was part of an interesting show at the Tacoma Comedy Club. They call it the dating game show. I did 10 min of stand up and then had to chose one of these three pretty ladies to spend the rest of my life with.

october 2014 – march 2015


I went to New York for Last Comic Standing. Goddam what an amazing and nerve racking trip. Here was my set list.

After my set I got a little drunk and walked like 3 miles through the heart of New York City to the world famous Comedy Cellar. I was even able to sneak into the show and catch Dave Atel and Jeffrey Ross.

Comedy Cellar, NYC


Did some shows with my good pal and fantastic comedian, Isaac Witty

Spent New Years doing 6 sets back to back. It was a lot of fun.

New Years Eve

IUPUI for life! My younger brother is the assistant basketball coach there.......go jaguars!

IUPUI Basketball

My brothers and my my grandpa's funeral......miss you gramps. Google him, Gordie'll be impressed.

Gillespie Family

Gordy Gillespie

september 2014

Foooooolllllks, some fun things have happened since I last posted on here.  I just made a TV appearance on Sept. 6th on Fox's "Laughs". Here is the whole episode in case you missed it. 

Back in April, I was a guest on my good friend Cy Amundson's podcast. He was actually guest hosting the Tom Bernard Podcast in Minneapolis, some great comics were on it as well, Isaac Witty and Bryan Miller. I told some very embarrassing stories, give it a listen.

Back in June I was featured in article about Stand Up by Growler Magazine.

Growler Magazine

And how about this beautiful pic from the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR. One of the best festivals I've ever been a part of. Thanks PORTLAND!

Bridgewater Comedy Festival

february 2014

My album Stever Fever was named one of the Top Ten Comedy Albums of 2013.

From Comedy Reviews

Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2013

How was your 2013? If you’re a fan of comedy - good comedy - then it was a great year. As always, I really struggled to narrow my list down to ten and was this close to going with 12 or 13 and calling it the “best of” instead of the “Top 10.”

But, upon fresh listenings, I was able to finally come up with a list I’m pretty happy with (Sorry, Louis CK and Pete Holmes. You have no idea how hard it was for me to cut you, but something tells me you’ll be OK). Although these CDs are listed in a 1-through-10 format (or, actually, a countdown of 10-through-1), you could probably take the list, jumble it up, and I wouldn’t argue with the new order.

So, here they are. The albums from 2013 that made me laugh, think, and laugh again the most. Enjoy! Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments below.

10. Dylan Brody’s “Writ Large”

Dylan Brody uses words like Charlie Parker used his sax. He’s not telling stories, he’s making music. “Writ Large” isn’t just a CD, it’s an experience. When the final track has played out and you’re left with just yourself and Brody’s tales still dancing in your head like the lingerings of a melodious hook, it’s not unlike what you feel after witnessing a really good live jazz set. You can’t quite put it into words, but you know you’re glad to have been there to feel it.

9. Steve Gillespie’s “Stever Fever”
Hi. My name’s Steve Gillespie. How are you? I’m just gonna put this right here. What is it? Oh, not much. Just an incredible debut CD. That’s right. I’m just gonna make my introduction to you one of the most incredibly funny CDs you’ve heard in a long time. Is that all right? You don’t mind that my very first CD blows everything else out of the water? Cool. (Sorry. It’s the “Stever Fever” talking).

8. Iliza Shlesinger’s “War Paint”
I don’t know how to spell the noise Iliza Shlesinger uses when she’s poking fun at women who, like sheep, blindly fall into the female stereotype of ditzy OMG-ness. It’s kind of an “eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh.” Picture a lamb having a fit and you’re sort of there. Either way, Shlesinger is not about to be lumped in with the rest of the flock and as she puts on her “War Paint,” you’ll find she’s more of a big bad wolf who doesn’t intend to take any prisoners. Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh. (Translation: Love it)

7. Geoff Tate’s “I Got Potential”
Geoff Tate not only has one of the best albums of the year, but dare I say one of the single best tracks, too. His bit on Domino’s pizza is incredible and never lets up. There are more laughs packed into this 10-minute segment than some comedians get in a career. What’s even better is the rest of the album is just as good. “I Got Potential?” Understatement of the year, man.

6. Paul Hooper’s “Tense & Uncomfortable”
Tense & Uncomfortable.” Yep. That pretty much sums it up, but in a good way. Paul Hooper is a comedian in 3-D, coming straight at you with comedy that doesn’t apologize for it’s directness (nor should it). There’s no time for political correctness or taking one’s prescribed medication when there’s funny to be made. Once the Hooper train leaves the station there’s no jumping off but when you’re having this much fun, why would you want to?

5. Tracey Ashley’s “Two First Names”
Yes, Tracey Ashley has “Two First Names” and with an album as funny as this one, they’re two names you won’t soon be forgetting. While some comedians have a style or approach that may only appeal to a certain demographic or mindset, as long as you like to laugh, Ashley is the comic for you. With an upbeat energy (it’s obvious she’s having a good time) and playful bite, Ashley’s album stays consistently funny from beginning to end.

4. Roy Wood Jr.’s “Things I Think, I Think”
I heard this album and immediately hopped online and bought it for a friend. If that’s not the sign of a good CD, I don’t know what is. I’m usually pretty self-conscious and won’t sing in the car if I know the person next to me is looking. I listened to “Things I Think, I Think” while walking downtown to my local coffee shop and was too busy laughing to care about who might have seen me. Sign #2 that Roy Wood, Jr is funny and that’s a thing I know, I know.

3. Tom Shillue’s “12 in 12” Series
Twelve albums in twelve months. At the end of last year that’s what Tom Shillue announced he was doing (and did). An album a month for an entire year. Upon hearing such a notion, one might think “Oh, this’ll start off strong and then peter out” or “So, a bunch of so-so material?” or “Impossible.” Nope. Yes, Shillue started off strong but then CDs just got better and better. And better. 12 in 12? And a good 12 in 12? Take a nap, Tom. You’ve earned it. (But then come back. I miss your stories already.)

2. Joe DeRosa’s “You Will Die”
Yes, Joe DeRosa is right. “You Will Die.” Laughing. Definitely one of my favorite projects of the year for two reasons: Disc 1 and Disc 2. The first of this double-disc project is an incredible set that is classic DeRosa humor (meaning it cracked me up). The second is a peek into what happens when nothing goes right on stage. And basically what happens is, when DeRosa is frustrated he’s still one of the funniest comedians working today.

1. Bill Cosby’s “...Far From Finished”
Remember how I said earlier the sign of a good project is that I went out and bought it for a friend? Well, I bought this for at least three people and recommended it to countless others. I mean, come on, it’s The Cos, and he’s still The Cos. Whether you listen to the audio version (over 2 hours) or watch the DVD/Blu-Ray, there’s no question that not only is “...Far From Finished” number one on this particular list but Bill Cosby is just number one, period.

june – december 2013

I recently got to open for two of my personal favorites. Kyle Kinnane and Rory Scovel. If you are not familiar with these guys, I urge you to check them out. They're fantastic. We had a lot of fun.

Rory just landed a role on a prime-time show called Ground Floor on TBS. He's the one on the right.

Rory Scovel of Ground Floor on TBS

Comedy has been real fun lately. I took a trip to New York for a Montreal Comedy Festival audition. Spent 4 days in Brooklyn with my brother Cary.


I had the pleasure of doing a set at the 10th Anniversary of one of the longest running stand up shows in the Twin Cities: The Death Comedy Jam. Its produced by a very funny comic you should all become familiar with Chris Maddock. Here is an article written about the event and the history of the room and what it has meant to comics in Minneapolis.

Grumpies Death Comedy Jam

I had a CD Release show at one of my favorite clubs in Minneapolis. The Comedy Corner Underground.

Most recently I headlined a week at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America. Real fun. Here's a picture I call a "comedy club poofie."

I took a trip to Portland and Seattle/Tacoma to do a bunch of shows. I was able to get some sight seeing in.

Portland was definitely weird.

I saw the Space Needle in Seattle and watched dudes throw fish at the Pike Place Market. But my favorite part of the trip was going to the EMP (music museum). Here is pic I took from the Nirvana exhibit.

Irrelevant radio podcast

I did this podcast awhile back with my good friend and comic Nate Abshire. The always strange, Mike Merryfield is the host and producer of the show. We taped it in Tacoma, WA and I believe we were pretty messed up. Merryfield had just taken 2nd in the San Fransisco Comedy Festival and Nate was in the middle of the finals at the Seattle International Comedy Festival. Tensons were very high and the complaining was non-stop. Should be a good listen.

My Brothers Podcast

Here is another podcast that I was a guest on. These two guys are brothers and comics, we basically just rip on each other for an hour. Listen to it.

may 2013

These past few months have been filled with shows and traveling. Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

I did some shows in the Virgin Islands (St. Thomas)

I did this years Gilda's Laughfest. It was the best festival I've ever been a part of.

I also discovered a fantastic club in South Bend, IN of all places. I did a show there with some very funny people ... including Mike Lebowvitz and Julia Soloman.

february 2013

Debut Album Released

Purchase my debut album Stever Fever directly from Rooftop Comedy using the link below. You can also download it on itunes and other internet outlets.

Read a review of the Stever Fever:

Without a doubt, “Stever Fever” is the best debut album I’ve heard in a long time. Steve Gillespie has put together an amazing 40 minutes of comedy that comes packed with an impressive number of laugh-out-loud moments. The biggest laughs all seemed to come out of nowhere; I can honestly say I didn’t see one of them coming and it’s a testament to Gillespie’s clever writing and stage presence that he was able to sneak up behind me and punch me in the head time after time.

Gillespie starts off his set by addressing his physical appearance (“This is what I look like. Let’s deal with it”) and if any would-be hecklers had a remark about his lack of muscles or gangly body type, I’m sure none of them were this funny or clever or had a better reference to a cancer-stricken Justin Bieber. I especially liked Gillespie’s remark that, although people everywhere are being congratulated for losing five pounds, “nobody ever pats me on the back for never being a fat fuck in the first place.” 

Well played.

With Gillespie, life is approached in a full sprint, like a kid on vacation tearing down the beach to jump into the sea. He has come up with a fun game to play while in the car (albeit not one that is suitable for women. Or children) and he proves how much of a Glass Half Full guy he is when he reveals the upside to being fined $10,000 for hitting a construction worker with your vehicle. Gillespie speaks freely and unfiltered, which is quite welcome. I mean, let's be honest, those guys in bars who play the electronic punching game really are dickheads.

Although he proudly admits he’s not ready to be an adult (he confesses to pooping his pants eight times since he’s turned 18), he has some solid material on grown-up issues. Gillespie has a great point when he discusses how the youth of today are a result of Ritalin in the 80s and laments that in order for him to get proper medical care, he has to be involved in a car wreck. He seems disheartened by the fact that turning 30 means you shouldn’t have sex in a car anymore (and somewhat hopeful when he finds someone in the audience with a different point of view) and when he points out how much the NFL draft has in common with the slave trade of the 1800s, be honest, I’m surprised it never dawned on me before.

There is a real sense of light-hearted fun that is infused in Gillespie’s comedy that makes him relatable and easy to laugh with. The few times he interacts with the crowd are truly hysterical moments, especially his interaction with “Dough Boy” and the 41-year-old woman who looks beautiful for her age.

I really can’t recommend this CD highly enough. Even when Gillespie dares to tread where you feel you’ve been before (i.e. football is a gay sport, this generation is in trouble), it’s done so in a way that is head and shoulders above what you might have previously heard. What can I say? I freely admit it. I’ve got Stever Fever.

Read my interview with America's Comedy.

Now go buy my damn CD!

january 2013

My first album "Stever Fever" is being released on Feb. 5th, with a pre-release on Pandora a week before. It will also be available on here, iTunes, Spotify, Rooftop Comedy, satellite radio, and some other internet outlets that I can't remember.

Gilda Laughfest

I am in this year's Gilda's Laughfest March 14-16. Some of the best comics in the country are going to be there and I'm proud to be part of it. Fucking Bill Burr, Jim Breuer, Lewis Black, and the Brian Reagan. Pretty unreal, also my good friends, both hilarious, oh and Tim Harmstin, along with Cy Amundson, and Tommy Thompson. Can't wait.


june 2012

Been traveling like crazy last couple of months. I was in Denver for a week. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was there. Great comedy scene too. Lots of funny guys. I did a special late night show at this art studio called the Deer Pile (as you can see in the picture). I opened for TJ Miller. It was my first time seeing him live, he was incredible.

Steve Gillespie at Deer Pile, Denver

TJ Miller at Deer Pile, Denver

Then I came through Chicago and did a couple of independent shows. Super fun, I encourage anyone in the Chicago area to check them out.

Comedians You Shouls Know

Your Funniest Friends

Off to Los Angeles, where I auditioned for the Montreal Comedy Festival at the Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd.

Then I was in Ft. Wayne, IN at Snickerz Comedy Club. I appeared on their local late night show "Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson". Its sooooo local that I can't find anything about it on the internet. Indiana isn't exactly modern.

Off to Seattle. Wow what a place. Went to a Mariners game, checked out some cool parks, met lots of people including this troll.

Steve and teh trol under the bridge, Seattle, Washington

Ok back to Chicago. I was at the Improv with Aries Spears from Mad TV. He was really nice and although I was a bit nervous about the crowds being mostly black, I ended up doing really well. Turns out black women love me.

Chicago women love Steve!

Aries Spears

Off to St. Louis, Colorado Springs, and then LA. See you out there.


march 2012

I got to open for Dave Attel in Lansing, MI. Real funny and nice. Despite both of our faces in this picture, we had a great time.

Steve Gillespie with Dave Attel, Lansing MI

I taped my CD in Skyline in March. Always a blast. Thanks to all that came out and supported me. It means a lot. CD should come out this summer. Stay tuned.

Skyline Comedy Club fans, Appleton, WI

Skyline Comedy Club fans, Appleton, WI

I didn't win CMT's Next Comic, but Adam Norwest did. Here is my endorsement announcement.


february 2012 - cmt's next big comic

I have been chosen as one of the 12 national touring comedians to compete in CMT's Next Big Comic. The competition starts Feb. 6th with 3 rounds of online voting. I will update this site with a link so you can vote for me. Thanks!


january 2012 - signed with rooftop records

My first comedy album is being taped at the Skyline Comedy Club in Appleton WI on March 1st-3rd. It will be released this coming summer. Check back for more details on where to buy it.

CMT Next Big Comic


january 2012 - new t-shirt

I came up with a funny and IRONIC t-shirt, so I decided to print it. I sell them at my shows now and I'm working on making an online store. For now if you want one contact me on facebook.

Here's a picture a fan sent to me wearing my shirt.

racism is gay t-shirt


january 2012 - comedy on state in madison & the mall Of america

I was at two of my favorite clubs recently. Comedy on State in Madison is such a great place and the shows were nothing short of spectacular.

I spent New Years eve at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America. I worked with two great comedians, Rob Little and Gus Lynch.

Mall of America with Gus Lynch and Rob Little


june – august

I found out recently that I got into the Boston Comedy Festival. It's in November. I'm excited even though it is a competition. That tends to make stand-up suck. Still Boston should be cool.

Boston Comedy Festival

I did a lot of traveling. I was in Edmonton, Canada in June for 6 days of shows with my good friend Cy Amundson. It's a nice club and Canadians are nice, mostly. The drinking age is 18, there were a lot of drunk dipshits wondering around. I'm usually for lowering the drinking age but after seeing it first-hand I may have changed my mind.

Cy and Some girl that liked the show.

I spent the month of July in Los Angeles. I studied at an acting school during the day and did stand up at night. I liked LA and I hated LA all at the same time. I met a lot of cool people. I got to do some cool shows. I got to perform at the famous Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory.

St. Louis

I did one really sweet show at the Comedy and Magic Club. There were about 15 comics on the show and I was the only one without a major TV credit. Two of my favorite comics performed. Kirk Fox (most recently on the show Parks and Recreation) and Jeremey Hotz. Kirk Fox came up to me after my set and said he thought I was really funny. My jaw locked, all I could do was shake my head yes and stutter a thank you. Thanks again Kirk, it meant a lot.

Kirk Fox

I got back home just in time for the Mini-Minneapolis Comedy Festival. The Comedy Corner Underground put on the festival. The Comedy Corner is the first place I did stand up and has been a home for me for the past 6 years. If you ever in the Minneapolis check a show out. There is always something going on there.

Mini-Minneapolis Comedy Festival: Comedy Corner Underground

Football season is here. Gordon has been pacing about talking constantly about point spreads. Place your bets carefully folks.

I'm back on the road for god knows how long. Hopefully we'll see you out there.


march – may

Right now I'm in Traverse City, MI doing shows in a resort right on the northern coast of Lake Michigan. Here is a picture of some douche showing off ... fall! fall! fall! fall!

Traverse City Beach

I spent the last week in Chicago, doing shows at Zanies. I got to open up for Gilbert Gottfried.

Gilbert Gottfried

My grandmother was able to make it to one of the shows. She has never seen me before. It was really nice having her there. Thanks Grandma!

Me and Grandma

My brothers were all in Chicago for various reasons. Gordon even showed up. Things got weird and out of control. Everything is a blur. Thanks to everyone that let me crash at their place. And happy 38th birthday Cary.

I got to do a showcase show at the Racine Plumming Bar and Grill in Lincoln Park. The show was great. A lot of Chicago comics. If you live in Chicago check this show out. Its on Monday nights.

The week before that I was in The Dirty Lou.

St. Louis

Metromix Magazine in the Twin Cities featured me in an article about the best upcoming comics in the Twin Cities area. Check it out.

Before that I was in Toledo. This video production dude made a clip of one of my shows in Toledo. I think it turned out pretty good. Here it is.(NSFW)

Lastly for this entry, I did some crazy interview for this freak that has his own internet show. He caught me when I opening for Tom Green. Enjoy El Guapo and The Fat Man (I guess) ... the internet is a weird place.


february 7 – march 15

I was fortunate enough to open for Tom Green for two nights in Iowa. The crowds were very drunk and rowdy. Tom was as pleasant as can be.

Tom Green

I went to a Timberwolves game with Gordon. Aaaaaohhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwww (that's supposed to be a wolf howl).

They won too. Gordon likes to gamble and he bet a large sum on the Timberwolves. Ballsy bet considering they've only won 17 games this year.

Crunch kept getting in my way.

Minnesota Timberwolves' Crunch

I spent a week in Milwaukee at the Comedy Café. I love this place and I encourage everyone to check this club out.

Milwaukee is a strange and rough town. It seemed like everywhere I went people were getting arresested. Strange times throughout the whole world, what will it look like when the dust clears.


I got a strange collect call from Gordon in a county jail somewhere in Iowa. He got snagged again but he'll be fine I'm sure.

I'm in Tulsa right now at the Looney Bin. I'm working with John Evans, whom I've never met but have heard great things about. Gordon is coming to Tulsa tonight. I can't wait to hear all about his latest prison ass-raping.

Check the schedule page and thanks for following.


january 2011

I spent Super Bowl weekend at the Skyline Comedy Café in Appleton, WI. The belly of the packer fan beast, if you will. This picture pretty much sums it up.

Packer Fan

I opened for my good friend Cy Amundson all week. Cy and I started together 5 years ago, it was a lot of fun working with him. These people loved it and I loved his moustache even more.

Steve and Cy, something

The week before that I was at the House of Comedy in the Mall of America. I got a surprise visit from Gordon on Saturday night. Apparently he was on his way back from a "business" trip in Canada. He spent most of the night smiling wildly and commenting on the shape of people's heads. He kept mumbling something about "Izzy" and how it was even illegal yet. He seemed to be enjoying the ride. In the morning he was gone, just as fast as he came. God speed you dangerous freak.

Mall of America

I'm very excited for next week. I'm opening for Tom Green!!!!!! Check the schedule page and look me up on facebook if you have any questions about the shows.


december 2010

Happy New Year every one! 2010 ended well despite the fact that one of my best friends moved to California. We have spent a lot of time together over the past 8 years, usually partying and being obnoxious. I hope he has little trouble finding new friends that he can be equally ridiculous with. Actually I hope he is miserable and decides to move back. Either way.

Au revoir, Au revoir Screech

I spent a week at Penguins Comedy Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I got work with Henry Phillips. I remember seeing Henry's comedy special on Comedy Central years ago ... very funny. Although we probably drank a little too much, I really enjoyed hanging out with him.

Henry Phillips

After Christmas I went to Vegas for two days for a mini-vacation. My younger brother plays college basketball (my dad is his coach) and they played two games out there over their holiday break. It always nice to see my little brother play, especially since I taught him everything he knows. We probably played 10,000 games of basketball in our unfinished basement when we were younger. The hoop was only about 5 and ス feet tall but I still couldn't dunk. Here is a picture of him traveling (probably).

I spent New Years at Goonies Comedy Club in Rochester, MN. This was the first club to book me when I was first starting out. Kind of a special place for me. I worked with my good friend Tommy Thompson. Tommy is an up and coming headliner that everyone should check out. Super funny.

My mom and stepdad also drove up from Wisconsin and caught the late show to ring in the new year with me. Thanks Mom!!!!

I have some shows in Minneapolis coming up in the next couple of months. I'm doing a show at the Triple Rock Social Club on Jan. 9th, House of Comedy (Mall of America) Jan. 25-30th, and the Joke Joint in St. Paul March 24th-26th. Contact me on facebook if you need help getting tickets.


october 9 – 30, 2010

International Steve Day (4th Annual)

I started this month off with the yearly celebration of me. It's really just an excuse for my friends and me to get together and party. Doc. Gordon came out in full force and none of us were prepared.

Here's me consulting with the doc.

The next week I was off to Dr. Grins in Grand Rapids, MI. It's a great club and Doc. Gordon didn't show up to twist the week. The shows were fun and this Mike Tyson looking motha fucca loved me.

The next week I was in Oklahoma City. I was anticipating trouble from riled up cowboys but such wasn't the case. The only trouble came from a familiar face with a doctorate in disorder. Gordo appeared out of a dark corner with his bag of goods and ruled the night. Thank God this nice gentleman Allen was able to help me fight the terror.

He was my official tour guide of this really pleasant city. He showed me how to drink Lunch Boxes, and two-step. Thanks buddy.

Unfortunately the Doctor was enjoying himself immensely and sniffed out enough trouble to keep me on edge. There was a swingers bar involved. I don't want to get into it but I'll just say we got out of there with our butt holes in tack but my fragile mind will be forever scarred. I don't ever want to see middle-aged people dance like that again.

I'm in Wichita, KS right now, can't say much about it. I'm looking forward to Madison, WI in a couple of weeks. Those shows are going to be very full and very fun. I'm working with the extremely talented Ian Bagg. Get your tickets now if you haven't already. These shows will fill up fast. I just received correspondence from my only real acquaintance in the "medical" profession and he's already made accommodations in Wisconsin's capital. Buy your tickets for the ride at


september 22 – october 3, 2010 – 12 days, 7 cities

It all started in Little Rock, AR. Where everyone loves to smoke and talk about football. I didn't like it at first but by the time the weekend rolled around "southern hospitality" had won me over. I didn't smoke any cigarettes but I did watch the Arkansas-Alabama football game, chanting "wooo pig suey" alongside my fellow bar patrons.

The shows were fun and I made some news friends and my brother showed up from LA, which topped it off.

Memphis was ours (my brother came with me). We saw BB King play live at his club on Beale Street.

Nashville, TN was out next stop. I drank a lot absinthe and walked around the music district. We got bored and more than a little drunk and ended up in a strip club. Not a nice one either. In fact I'm not sure I saw anyone dance. I sat at club's bar most of the night, drinking beer out of can that they so graciously kept on ice. I remember Cary being there but only vaguely. He there in this picture.

Louisville was the next stop. Dead tired.

My brother and I's last stop together was in Joliet to see some of our extended family. We had dinner with our grandma and played craps at the casino with our uncle. Standard procedure.

Then I was off to Milwaukee, WI for 4 shows at the Comedy Cafe. It's always been one of my favorite clubs. The audiences are fun and very diverse, not just a bunch of white people from the suburbs.

Finally, the last day of my trip was in Chicago, IL. I got open Doug Benson's 4:20 show at Zanies in downtown Chicago. I was really tired but I'm so glad I got to be part of it. Doug was a total sweet heart and my friend Graham Elwood was also in the show.

I'm home for 10 days. Doing some "guest sets" at Acme in Minneapolis over the weekend. Jimmy Pardo is the headliner so if you are in town and want to see a truly professional comedian, come see Jimmy.


september 7, 2010 – madison, chicago, south dakota

I stopped in Madison on my way to Chicago on Tuesday night to catch Todd Barry at Comedy at State. I have never seen him live and he didn't disappoint. Madison is one of my favorite cities and I was more than happy to spend a couple of days there.

Last week I got open for Jim Breuer at the Chicago Improv. The shows were unreal, some of the biggest crowds I've been in front of. I also had the pleasure of meeting Jim's 89 year old father. Despite Jim's warning, I was still a little stunned when Bob (his father) greeted me with ... "Do you have any money?" And when I said no he told me to "scram". Which made me laugh ... really hard. Then he'd tell Jim to "fuck off" and Jim would respond by threating to stab him in the stomach. By the end of the week I really began appreciate how keen senses of humor can be passed down from generation to generation. It was one of those weeks that made all the pooo worth it.

And then I went to South Dakota.


august 31, 2010

This trip was not worth mentioning but there was one pretty awesome moment. When I left the theatre to head back to my hotel I walked past a stairwell that lead to the basement of this building. The door at the bottom was open and there was loud, live music pouring out. I'm not one to back down from adventures so I skipped down the stairs and jumped in the room. At first everyone was shocked to see an outsider but after some charming I was able to make some new friends. The band was just practicing but they let me hangout and drink free beer from their refrigerator.

Everyone's asses in the Dakotas are packed full of these.

august 16, 2010

The last three weeks have been incredibly hectic and terribly fun.  I did 6 shows in 4 days in Cincinnati with my good friend Graham Elwood.  Graham is good influence. He works hard and doesn’t party anymore so I usually get a lot of work done when I work with him. But Cincinnati has very strong stand up scene and my nights quickly filled up with social events like drinking in Gabe Kea’s bedroom until 6am.

The next week marked my first real vacation in what seemed like forever. I spent three days at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago. I don’t get to party with my closest friends very often and we definitely tried to make up for lost time. We road bikes, drank too much, saw some great shows, danced, and generally misbehaved (but I didn’t puke on anyone). I wouldn’t trade that weekend for anything. Hopefully we’ll go back next year.

I got off the road this past week and did a handful of shows in Minneapolis. The biggest of which was a show at the Parkway Theatre with Chris Fairbanks. Chris is the real deal and it was a pleasure opening for him.

The next couple of weeks I will be performing in North and South Dakota. I’m not sure how that will go.

Until next time.


july 22, 2010

Just returned from the Laugh Yout Asheville Comedy Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. The city was beautiful, very lush and green, and full of little hipster girls with tattoos ... ahh, just like home.

The festival was well-organized and showcased some of the best young comics in the country. I was really impressed with Ahmed Baroocha from Boston, and despite his name he was sweet as pie. The audiences were nice too. Too nice at times. One (very) drunk couple invited me back to their place after the show.

"To do what?" I asked.

"Ohhh, you know ... " they said.

I don't know, and for once in my life, I didn't want to find out. But thanks anyway and maybe next time. And thanks for enjoying my set.

Now don't let that keep YOU from inviting me back to your place after seeing me perform. I'm lonely and don't like the friends I have. Just try to be a little more open about what is going to take place. I like PS3, baseball, pizza, Bob Dylan, decks/porches, frisbee (w/danks) and air conditioning. Keep in mind that apparently I'm really hard to be friends with.

Getting a little carried away, so let's wrap this up. This week I'm performing at home with my good friend (don't like him) Mike Brody. Shows are at the Joke Joint in Bloomington, MN.

Night, friends.