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NFL Combine



  • 5-7th Harveys, Portland OR
  • 12-14th Laughing Derby, Louisville KY
  • 19-22nd Funny Bone, Syracuse NY
  • 27-28th Main Hangar, Decatur IL


  • 3rd-8th Acme Comedy Company, Minneapolis MN
  • 13th-14th Koo Koo's Comedy Club, Wausau WI
  • 19-21st Comedy Bar, Ft Myers FL
  • 26th Brave New Workshop Theater, Minneapolis MN
  • 27th Last Turn Saloon, Brainerd MN
  • 28th Benton Station, Sauk Rapids, MN

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september 2014

Foooooolllllks, some fun things have happened since I last posted on here.  I just made a TV appearance on Sept. 6th on Fox's "Laughs", here is the whole episode in case you missed it.


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